Discover the solutions for your media analytics needs.

Billions of people express opinions daily on the Web. We structure and distill that gargantuan amount of discussion into intuitive building blocks, and our customers use these building blocks of social intelligence in a variety of ways.

Maximize Ad Placement

Increase ad sales by finding the most effective matches for your content.

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Protect your Brand Image

Monitor your online image, and understand customers' commentary.

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Understand Public Opinion

Find out what people think — without spending a fortune on slow surveys.

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Discover what all of that social media chaos really means.

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Maximize ad placement by targeting your audience

Identify people who are talking about your television show or brand. Find out what they're saying. Understand what they care about. Use this information to pinpoint the most suitable placement for your ad and increase ad sales.

If you're in the media buying or selling business, we've got the perfect solution.

Protect your brand image by understanding your consumer

Listen to your customers to better familiarize yourself with the fluctuating discussion around your company. Utilize custom reports and applications to get an in-depth look at what your customers think about your products.

Ensure your brand's health. Prevent brand erosion, and react quickly if a crisis should arise.

Explore public opinions without spending on surveys

Don't waste time and money on polls and surveys. Easily evaluate public support for policies and politicians before the voting occurs. Observe the conversations around crucial concepts, and track daily changes in popular opinion.

Whether you care about an election or corporate communications, you can assess the impact of your messaging and campaigns.

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